Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Lifeguard: Ronald Reagan and His Story

The best news ever is that Reagan's life has been turned into a one-man play. While the author is a veteran of CSI, the producers, David Permut and J. Mark Travis have experience in presidential plays from their work on Give 'em Hell, Harry in 1975.

Seeing a similarity between the political turbulence of the '70s and contemporary America, they also envisage for Reagan a similar role to Truman's after his death - a fond icon of more stable times. A nostalgic reflection on Reagan will appeal to America's desire for unity - "Never before has there really been a president who took a country that was so divisive and brought it together." This is an interesting assessment - by Hollywood producers, of all people - of Reagan as a cure for partisan discord rather than its symbol.

The play will be filmed in Ford's Theater (suitably? eerily?) later in the year, and I look forward to the Fox News reviews almost as much as seeing it. "Several big-name actors have expressed an interest" - please, let it be Tom Hanks.

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